Another week and another concept for the towns in DOMINO RISING, this time we are taking the circular surface approach and putting the buildings together on top of a circular layout (Top Picture), so we can have a more natural look of the buildings, because the first sketch we did a few weeks ago begin to feel a little bit boring (Bottom picture), this time with the buildings in a circular surface they look better and more in quantity (Top picture), it's very possible that we use a combinations of buildings in a straight line and building in a circular surface in order to give a more natural look to the town (I know towns are not natural, they are man made).

Buildings created using the Circular Surface Approach.

Buildings created using a Straight Line Pattern.

Hey Listen! a new group of DOMINO pieces had been fix, we got a every day date with the pieces of DOMINO RISING, which are the essential piece of the game, without DOMINO pieces there it's no DOMINO RISING, hoping finishing soon enough to play.