Hey people we got some good news, here in the labs of we where working very hard to get the game to run in 60 FPS (Frames Per Second), oooh yes sweet and smooth 60 Frames Per Seconds,  and maybe a lot of people are going to say, 60 Frames Per Second? It's not that a lot of speed for a Flash Game?, and we answer, yes, it could be a lot, but it's running, we don't have the ways to measure if it's running in TRUE 60 Frames Per Seconds, but it's feels better than before, very responsive, and we like it, everything sounds good, but, I have to point out that this 60 Frames Per Seconds thingy, it's going to be Temporary, if the game continues to work fine, we leave it, but, if the game begin to broke due to this tweak, we have no choice to take it out, but, from now on it's going to stay. Let's see if the game continues working fine.

Everyday the review process to the pieces in DOMINO RISING never ends. we found and fix a new batch this week, still more to be fixed, Copy and Paste, Copy and Paste it's going to be the song for a while, I know there it's a better way to do it, but, who cares a least we are having fun.