Summer Time it's pumping a lot of heat, a lot of people in the streets and cars tons of cars going around which makes very hard to go outside and walk, especially when you had to cross the streets, in the other hand all of that make for a very good excuse to stay in home and work on DOMINO RISING, which I enjoy more than going outside, don't get me wrong, I am not against going outside, but in summer time I don't like it, I wait for the winter to go outside. Meanwhile in my house, the peaceful place on earth I play DOMINO RISING, looking for errors, checking the animations and having fun, you can watch the current state of DOMINO RISING, in the video below:

PIECES and more PIECES, fixing, checking domino pieces it's an ongoing process every day, never done and always we had to be prepared to do it, the more pieces we fix, the more we approach to the moment we can let people into playing the game.