The world was in total chaos, every single country was in war for resources, nobody was believing in peace, until one day a group of people emerge from the darkness and create THE RISING LABS which objective was to create a system where people can easily decide together, fix their differences and bring back peace and balance to the world. They spend months trying to came out with the solution to this problem, traveling all the countries and talking to the people, but one day when everything appears to be hopeless and lost something amazing happens, DOMINO RISING was unveil, with the help of the RISING LABS as enforcer to monitor and educate people about the New World Order to make sure everybody can live in peace once again. As a memorial of their efforts of bringing peace to the world, RISING LABS proudly presents the RISING TABLE a sophisticated piece of equipment to play DOMINOES in DOMINO RISING, these tables are going to be located in very important and strategic places within the cities and towns of DOMINO RISING only DOMINO MASTERS (People that play DOMINOES like no other) are the ones with the power to activates those tables and only Very Important matches can be held in those places, winning theses matches grants the ownership of the current town and other benefits. This table its being developed, but you can see in the following video a Prototype showing the idea behind.


The Following pieces are a group of DOMINOES with error in the code, we fixed it and they are working fine, we are going to continue looking for bugs to fix, this is an ongoing and daily process we have to do, in order to guarantee the best possible experience.