Hi people, I hope you are doing good, this week post I want to tell you that Development of DOMINO RISING it's going to be a little bit slower due to my Day Job, because it's very demanding, it's a very physical job in a Warehouse picking boxes some very heavy and force me to take time away from DOMINO RISING DEVELOPMENT, at the same time I am glad I have that job because makes possible the Development of DOMINO RISING, it's a very uncomfortable situation, I believe I will find some kind of balance, so I can continue working in DOMINO RISING and my Day Job at the same time.

In other news we have a new screen in DOMINO RISING and it's THE CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN, this screen it's used to select your character before you play in the TOWN, which means if you never play in the TOWN, you never have to make a character, this it's only for the people that play in the TOWN, Yes you can Play DOMINO RISING without never going to the TOWN, you are going to make less Credits because you are going to miss other activities available just in the TOWN. There are only 3 characters in Development right now, but they're going to be more Characters in the future. You can see this in the following Video:

These are the Pieces of the week, this pieces had been fixed in the game, most of them had problems, error in the code which made them unplayable, but now they are fixed and playing well, there are a lot of combinations in this game on how to play every DOMINO piece, unfortunately there are not easy way to do it, it's a very time consuming activity and we believe we are going to be fixing pieces even after launch, which I hope not, I really want to fix them all before launch, but it's a long way to go before launch.