Happy New Year 2016 people, we reach another year in our lives, new plans, new projects should arise, we got so many things to fix for DOMINO RISING in this New Year 2016, and we began with GIAN which is one of the characters in DOMINO RISING, this is the second pass to this character and we still not happy with this character, we are continuing working with it, until we got something that feels better. Design and modify characters it's a very time consuming activity in which you have to put hours and hours on it, in order to have something meaningful, on top of that all the software involved in that procedure it's very expensive, that's why we are using free and very cheap software, the results are not the best but it's something we can fix just by putting some more time and effort, you can see a 4 hours Timelapse video of GIAN below:

This one it's getting a little bit slow but steady, we are in our FIRST FEATURE for the pieces, which consist in making sure the pieces are playing right, that the selected piece play correctly alongside another selected piece, after we finish this FIRST FEATURE, we are going to add the SECOND FEATURE, which consist in making the game DOMINO RISING understand when a correct play was made then DOMINO RISING take away the control from the user, in this way the next turn for another user it's activated, this SECOND FEATURE it's important, because we found that the user can TROLL the others users and this SECOND FEATURE disable that possibility, we did already prototype it was faster and easier, but we have to remove it due that we found too many pieces where missing the FIRST FEATURE which it's slower to add but we have to do it in that order in order for the features to work properly.