DOMINO RISING Weekly Update.

Fixing the Buildings.
The Weather in these winter days are very strange, little snow and some days are hot, I hope I can finish my game before something happens. The city in DOMINO RISING it's changing, we were fixing the buildings in the TOWN of DOMINO RISING, yes, they where kind of broken so we made them look better, we still working on them, there are some sections we want to add to the city, like a central park or a subway station, to go to other cities. You can check the changes we made to the city in the pictures below:

View of the city of DOMINO RISING, buildings looks broken and out of place.

View of the city of DOMINO RISING, buildings looks more complete and clear.

The Pieces of the Week.
Here they are, the pieces we fixed this last week, fixing the pieces of DOMINO it's one of the most important process of development because without it, we can't progress, that's why we report the pieces we fixed every week, so you can have an idea how we are doing.