DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Domino Metro Station.
Hello people is me again with a great news, actually we are expanding the city of DOMINO RISING, putting new sections to the city, and most important having fun, last week was my vacation and I did take some time to design and make the new DOMINO METRO STATION it's going to be underground and it's going to be a lot of fun, you are going to be able to do all the things you do in the outside, you are going to be able to duel other people, there are going to be stores so you can buy the food you need to keep yourself alive and most importante you can use the DOMINO METRO STATION to travel to others TOWNS that are going to be reveal in the future, below you can see pictures of the new DOMINO METRO STATION, remember anything you see here it's final and it's going to be cosmetics updates in the future:

 View of one of the store in the Domino Metro Station.

View of one of the billboards of the Domino Metro Station

View of one of the Entrance and Exit doors of the Domino Metro Station

Another view of other Store of the Domino Metro Station

View of a Billboard and dark areas of the Domino Metro Station

Pieces of the Week
This it's the core of the game, every time we work in this, we are advancing, it's a everyday work we got to do in order to go to the next step in DOMINO RISING, we are showing the pieces fixed this last week in the picture below: