DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Updating and Creating
Hello people, this past weeks we where busy trying to create a new character and fixing a old one, the new character in development is a member of the RISING LABS CLAN which you can find walking around in various cities of DOMINO RISING.

New Character in Development member of the RISING LABS CLAN

Updating Muneca
We update some of the geometry from the character MUNECA because the old geometry was creating some unwanted shadows, now we got more uniform shadows and smooth surfaces, we are looking forward to properly texture and animate the character.

The Pieces of the Week
These are the pieces fixed this last week. We are getting close to finish this phase and that makes me happy, next week we are performing another INTERNAL TEST to see if still there are problems with pieces, we really don't want to jump to another phase of development without making sure everything it's working correctly.