DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

The Pieces of the Week

Hello again, this Devlog took me a significant amount of time because we were too busy working outside of the project and planing how to make more time. Well we were busy working in the pieces of Domino Rising too, thinking to do some concept art for the city, or some new characters for the game, but, time had become a scarce resource, every time we have to work outside of the project in order to keep funding active. Great things are coming to Domino Rising like NPC's (Non Playable Characters), so you can play against the computer without the need of playing against real people, but we have the priority to fix all the pieces of Domino Rising, which represent a very important part of the game. 

We hope you understand the cause of our delays with the game and with the Devlog, but we are making every possible move in order to keep funding and speed up development.