DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Slow but Sure.

Hey people I am aware, we are going slow in development, the Weekly Updates are coming almost monthly, I am having a lot of external events in my life, lot of work in my dayjob and also I am looking for external sources of funding, everything it's coming together, but I am taking a lot of DOMINO RISING time in order to begin obtaining the benefits from the others funding sources, I know a lot of you are being very patient all of this years, waiting for this game, and we are hands on every week on it, it's a big game being made by a couple of guys, and the only way it's continuing with the development, good thing we are having fun and playing the game, we are unable to make it public yet, because need some more features, but the day to play the game it's getting closer.

Pieces of the week.

We owe to you more pieces, but this are the amount we can afford to fix this lasts weeks, we are trying to develop new methods to increase performance in the development.