DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

More fixing
I believe Summer Time it's going to kill me, I took a whole week of doing nothing, because, to hot to work, not really, I was working very slow like always, because, too much things to do, my day job, errands in the house, etc. Nothing new or Special to say, just more fixing, I am glad that every time we found a glitch or something in DOMINO RISING it's a real problem between the code and not a False Alarm, I am very happy because very soon I am going to be able to work in others parts of the game, like the server, so we can begin letting people play our glitchy game.

Pieces of the Week
We are fixing pieces of DOMINO for DOMINO RISING, it's a huge time consuming activity we are performing in order to make DOMINO RISING a more stable game.