DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

All Pieces fixed for now.
Hi people, we fixed the last two pieces from our last Internal Testing we did a couple of months ago, more details here, that doesn't mean we are done fixing the pieces of DOMINO RISING, this means we have to do another INTERNAL TESTING to the pieces of the game, to see if we got more broken pieces. This new INTERNAL TESTING it's going to be more difficult than the others in the past, because we have less Broken Pieces in the game, so we have to repeat the test and put more time testing until we find new Broken Pieces or make sure all the pieces are fixed correctly. I hope all the pieces are working correctly so we can pass to the next Phase of Development.

Pieces of the week.
Nothing special this week, we already finish fixing our last batch of broken pieces and this are the last two pieces we fixed, we have to make another INTERNAL TESTING in order to find another group of broken pieces, we are hoping all the pieces are fixed, but we have to make sure everything its fine.