DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

New Features
We are working in new features for DOMINO RISING, this one it's a difficult one, we are revisiting a feature we were working long time ago, just because we had a lot of broken pieces, we put this new feature back to the waiting list, but now, we are working in the feature, this new feature try to help the player to play correctly if the player makes a wrong move or a bad play the piece automatically come back to the players hand, indicating that his play it's wrong. This feature it's very important because will minimize the wasting of time and trolling from other players during the match, we expect to take a couple of weeks working in this feature a least for the first pass. I believe we are going to have more time to make sketches and renderings for the game.

Pieces of the Week.
No pieces this week, we made some Internal Testing and we found out we fixed a big percentage of the pieces in the game, and we began to work in a new feature.

Renders of the Week.
We are thinking to add this new section to the Weekly Update, were we can showcase some new renderings we have in mind to put in the game, the more we make the better.