DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Still Propagating the Code.
Hello people of the World, Felling happy over here, this one it's late again, very hard to stop programming and get on time with this Devlogs, but we feel the need to tell you what we are doing with DOMINO RISING, we are still propagating the Code Between the Pieces of Domino, nothing especial, at the same time we are figuring out what the next step to program will be, programming a game it's more planning than programming, making sure we are doing everything in order, we don't want to program something then deleted it, because we missing something else, believe me, that happens a lot.

Pieces of the Week.
Still Propagating the new code, this one it's working fine until now, we going to take several weeks, like we did in the first pass, the following pictures shows the pieces we were working these past weeks.

Renders of the Week.
Another week without a Render or new concept, we got many things in mind, every week we are getting ideas for DOMINO RISING, but making some renders take so much time, that we rather used it in programming DOMINO RISING, we are keeping this section open, nobody knows, something can appear.