DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Some Important News
Well we got some important news, we were playing DOMINO RISING locally, and we found some glitches we missed from the Fixing Pieces First Pass, nothing bad, we can fix it during this week, so we have to pause propagating the New Feature and fix these missing pieces, we also found some bugs with the Victory State, that's the part of the game that detects when somebody wins, sometimes work fine, sometimes doesn't work, we have to check that too for the second time.

From the beginning of Development for DOMINO RISING we were reading very bad news about Adobe Flash, which it's the technology we are using to develop DOMINO RISING, looks like the company Adobe it's going to drop support in the near future, we visited the Adobe website from time to time and looks like they continue supporting the Technology, we are going to continue using the Technology but if something happens we are going to have to change it, we hope not.

Pieces of the week
We found some old bugs in some pieces from the Fixing Pieces First Pass, we are planing to fix during the week, meanwhile we have the pieces we update with the New Feature.

Renders of the Week
We got a new video from DOMINO RISING, we were playing the game locally and we found a lot of Bugs to fix. This video plays faster than Normal.