DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Programming as usual.
I went silent for a couple of weeks, pretty busy in things that are not DOMINO RISING related, wasting my time and my money, if those things works, are going to be very beneficial to the development of DOMINO RISING, and I said wasting my time and my money because those things were very rewarding at the beginning but not anymore, I just going to go a little further to see if I can get something, but I am planning to quit and move on, continuing working hard with DOMINO RISING, new ideas are coming soon for RISING CITY (first town of DOMINO RISING), but I need to know if they are going to work first, before I show it to you, I did manage to get some time for DOMINO RISING and I fix some pieces, WINTER ITS COMING this it's the time I can work more on DOMINO RISING but at the same time my day job take more time from me, hard situation I can't control because I need to continue working in order to fund DOMINO RISING in the way I want it.

Pieces of the Week.
After a couple of silent weeks, I did managed to get some time to fix some pieces in DOMINO RISING, I found a bug no so long ago, introduced by the implementation of THE NEW FEATURE and I am fixing it, it's easy, but I am little short of time to finish it in one shot, this going to be kind of long process.

Renders of the Week.
I was trying some renders with the characters of DOMINO RISING, having a little bit of fun, this it's MUNECA one of the DOMINO RISING female characters.