DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Just Pieces.
Happy New Year 2017, hoping I can speed up development of DOMINO RISING, because 2016 was very slow.

This week, we are just having pieces to report, nothing new, working hard on the pieces, I hope the next week we can bring more things.

Pieces of the Week.
Working hard with the pieces, we only had 2 more batch of pieces to check before we can continue implementing THE NEW FEATURE, which was on hold due to new errors introduced by mistake, our focus on the pieces doesn't let us focus on other parts of the game, I believe at the end all will be worth it.

Renders of the Week.
Very early hand draw Concept Art for DOMINO RISING on the top, the one on the bottom it's a 3d model of the same concept, render in Keyshot demo version.

Hand Draw Concept
 3d Keyshot demo Render