DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Coming back to the New Feature.
Hello everybody, we are happy to announce that we are coming back to THE NEW FEATURE after a big pause, THE NEW FEATURE it's new code to the pieces of DOMINO RISING which update and fix a lot of stuff in the pieces improving the User Experience (UX), after that the pieces will work in a very logical fashion. THE NEW FEATURE was on hold for many months, because we found old code from THE FIXING PIECES FIRST PASS, that wasn't working so we decided to not go further, come back and fix these remaining pieces of code before we put something new, many months later we finish and we are ready to continue with THE NEW FEATURE next week.

Pieces of the week.
These are the remaining pieces, we were fixing with THE FIXING PIECES FIRST PASS for now, we are ready to star working with THE NEW FEATURE next week.

Render of the Week.
Sorry nothing to show this week, we working hard to deliver new concepts in the future.