DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

As usual
As usual, this week, we just fixed a lot of new pieces from DOMINO RISING, the same activity we are doing every week, we are focusing our resources in updating the pieces of DOMINO RISING with new code, we want to finish this phase of DOMINO RISING fast, we really have a couple of years working with the pieces and DOMINO RISING still needs more to be done, we are going to continue working in the pieces until we are done.

Pieces of the Week
The picture below are domino pieces, we fixed this past week,  even yesterday we still were working on them, we are focusing all of our attention to go through this process the fastest we can.

Render of the Week
We are getting pretty busy working in the pieces, because we want to finish with the pieces the fastest we can, that leave us with no time to draw or create a new art asset for the game, we are leaving this section open for future use, the game it's still very early in development so new thing will arrive.