DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

We continue.
We continue working hard and fast with the pieces of DOMINO RISING, this week like the other weeks we report about the state of DOMINO RISING, and we still working with the pieces, this process it's going to continue until we had all the pieces working in the way we want it, after this process its done, the game will work in a more logical way.

Render of the week.
We are planing to have various types of tables in DOMINO RISING, you can choose in the game, these tables are available for everybody, The Golden Table it's a prototype table for DOMINO RISING, this table it's still in development and can change in any moment without previous advice.

Pieces of the week.
This it's a new group of pieces we fixed this last week, we are going faster than before and we can wait to finish with all the remaining pieces.