DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Welcome back everybody.
Again with some DOMINO RISING updates, every week I post some updates for DOMINO RISING, so you know how DOMINO RISING development it's going. I am very active working with DOMINO RISING, this last week I was working with the pieces of DOMINO RISING, putting some new code we need, to improve gameplay mechanics for the game, also I was working with the first concept of the AZULIS DOMINO PIECES created by RISING LABS which its a ingame Laboratory that works in the Research and Development of the Domino Culture.

Renders of the Week
I was working in the first concept for the AZULIS domino pieces, this concept it's not final and can change at any moment without notice, the reason it's to start receiving some feedback from the community, this it's one of the many types of DOMINO PIECES I have in mind for DOMINO RISING.

Pieces of the Week
As I do every week, I have the group of pieces we put new code into, to have a better feeling in the gameplay department, with this new code that I call "The New Feature", playing DOMINO RISING will be more natural.