DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

More and More Updates.
The updates for DOMINO RISING are continuing every week and this last week we fixed pieces and create new content, nothing showed here it's final and can be changed without notice, trying to keep development active and ongoing, with minimal hiccups, still many pieces needs to be check and fixed with new code, we are crafting time in order to show and create new content for DOMINO RISING, like piece styles, tables, cities etc. we are very happy with the things we are doing and the things we are going to do, we hope we all are in the same page.

Renders of the week.
LINEAR, new piece style for DOMINO RISING, the domino piece for real DOMINO MASTERS, include the LINEAR piece style in your strategies in order to slow down the opposition, LINEAR piece style it's a non conventional domino piece designed to make domino matches a little bit slower and forcing player to pay attention count the lines and make the move. It's no need to rush.

Pieces of the Week.
I don't even know what I am going to say in this section, don't want to use the same response every week, but I believe I have to do it, because new people joining the community could be confused,  the following picture are the group of pieces we fixed this last week, every week we are fixing pieces within the DOMINO RISING game updating with new code in order to upgrade the gameplay mechanics of the game.