DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

More Pieces.
More pieces fixed and more pieces created, at least in their concept phase, this post it's coming a little late, due to some planning and creation of a new Piece Style, trying to make this new style of piece different from the others pieces already done, we want every Style looks and feel unique, it should give the idea that every style was crafted for various purposes.

Render of the Week.
We got a new Piece Style with the name of CELL from the same manufacturer of the other Style Pieces we had been shown in the past RISING LABS, this one it's related to CELL studies for Technology Applications, this Style Piece was very controversial because show some evidence that RISING LABS are using Biotechnology of some sort, nobody know for what purpose but people are not happy. Again this Style Piece it's just a concept and can be changed without previous notice. This it's not final.


Pieces of the Week.
As every week this are the pieces with updated code, we are continuing putting new code to the remaining pieces, we are very active in this process and very happy with the results until now.