DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Another Update
We are getting another update this week, last week update was delayed, so I am posting another update this weekend just to catch up, with the weekly update format, in the beginning I was struggling to do this blog weekly, but I think I figure it out, a way to do it, every week, without delays, I believe it's working and don't want to miss the train. We got new pieces updated and a new Piece Style a little bit darker this time, this piece it's NOT created by RISING LABS, nobody knows who created it, but pieces where being found everywhere in RISING CITY, some people believe they are dangerous but, who knows, we got some pictures so you can make your conclusions.

Render of the Week
Many people everywhere in RISING CITY was finding a strange looking domino piece, some people research about it, and they found, that the domino piece it's not a RISING LAB creation, others believe this pieces are part of some cult in RISING CITY and they advice to leave the piece where you found it, because it can be dangerous. We found some pictures online about the pieces, with the name DARK on the top, they are very weird looking, we hope nothing bad it's happening in RISING CITY.


Pieces of the Week
More pieces updated with the new code, we are advancing every week with the pieces in DOMINO RISING, we are happy with the results, we can't wait to let people play the game and test the servers in the way it's supposed to be, the game it's playable but need more polish, the pieces need to be fixed and the town needs to be a least 25% functional, we are working towards that direction.