DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Weeks are going Fast.
Weeks are going so fast, sometimes I don't even know if I will able to keep up with the updates, I took a couple of hours to play some games, and then, a week already past, it feels that dramatic, at least for me. Well, Microsoft was talking about Xbox Scorpio dev kits, you can go to the official Xbox channel in Youtube to check the video, that news make me happy, because they are inviting the developers to develop games for their console as a first priority, they said, they are going to talk more about it in E32017, I just wish to put Domino Rising in Xbox Scorpio, but all depends in the price, dev kits could be very expensive and sometimes very cheap, all depends in the approach they take and their business model. They want a lot of buggy games, they sell the dev kit cheap, they want quality studios making quality games, they sell the dev kit expensive, we just have to wait, below some Xbox Scorpio  dev kit Pictures:




Render of the Week.
We are showing pictures of RISING LAND it's the place where the DOMINO RISING lore take place. It's a Artificial Land created by various countries in order to try to improve the problem of World Overpopulation. The pictures were created very fast and with little thought, but convey pretty clear the idea of the RISING LAND, this land it's huge and people live there.

Pieces of the Week.
More pieces fixed and updated this last week, we are continuing with the fixing and updating, every day we are getting close to finish this process.