DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

E3 Weekend.
This weekend it's a E3 Weekend, a very exciting weekend, where various companies from the gaming industry shows their new platforms and games. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 it's a yearly event that brings together people from around the world.

Render of the Week.
This time we don't have a new table or a new style piece but a New Technology, exclusively for DOMINO RISING, we are talking about TECH 2 pieces for DOMINO RISING from RISING LABS, its a cosmetic upgrade, for the pieces of DOMINO RISING, to make a distinction from the traditional domino piece we already know. Guarding their edges and bringing  comfort to every match, guessing it's a thing of the past.

Pieces of the Week.
This it's the main course of action we took, fixing and updating the pieces for a better experience, many weeks has been pass but we are continuing until the end. We are pretty close to finish updating and fixing our first batch of pieces with THE NEW FEATURE upgrade, a DOMINO RISING INTERNAL TEST it's coming to see how this new code it's working. We hoping for the better.