DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

A little Delay.
We have suffered a little delay due to the E3 events, we were watching several E3 event videos, and took a lot of our development time, E3 events are very important for gamers and developers alike, it's good to be informed about the activities of the gaming community in order to take educated decisions in the future.

Render of the Week.
This time we where designing our new website for the years to come, trying to get a better and clearer way to navigate our website, with big buttons so it's easy to use in PC and mobile platform, we still designing it, the following picture shows a glimpse of the design process.

Pieces of the Week.
Late but safe, still fixing pieces, implementing new code for the pieces of DOMINO RISING, THE NEW FEATURE code it's being propagate between the pieces of DOMINO RISING, it's a time consuming activity, we can't wait to finish.