DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Change of Technology.
Not now, but maybe soon, some time ago, we talked about this in the post below yes it's happening soon, maybe next year, we don't know yet, one of the middleware we are using to develop DOMINO RISING it's out of support, the company closed the website and decided not to continue working in the product, we still working with the program and still working fine for us, with no issues, as you may know, our game it's being designed to run inside the internet browsers, but the middleware we are using could render irresponsible in the future thanks to the continuous updating of the browsers, which can force us to change to another kind of engine or middleware, a little delay could happen, but we are ready to embrace that change and continue working with DOMINO RISING.

Render of the Week.
This time we got another view of the new website we are developing for, the new website it's inspired from Server Racks, this picture shows how the new website it's going to look in your mobile phone, buttons in the website are big, take in account the cell phone in the picture it's a very tiny one, the bigger the cell phone it's, the bigger the website it's going to look, I was very busy and my time it's very limited so I didn't create nothing new for the game itself, once we are happy and done with the website we are coming back to do new things for DOMINO RISING.

Pieces of the week.
Updated pieces are working fine, pieces and pieces still to fix and update, this it's a weekly process, take some time to finish, we are happy with the results, the updated pieces of the week are below.