DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

Before The Weekend.
I am always trying to get the posts from this blog before the weekend, but my full time job during the weeks makes it hard, and don't think about the weekends which it's the only time I have to make my errands, all of this time it's take it away from development to do things that I really don't enjoy but are necessary, because life, I always got to bed very late, like crazy late to do development in DOMINO RISING.

Render of the Week.
This last week we were doing the pieces and THE INTERNAL TESTING, we got you a little accelerated video where we are simulating a 4 player session in DOMINO RISING in order to get those errors between the game, we collect a lot of data and we have a lot work to do in the next weeks.

The Pieces of the Week.
We did INTERNAL TESTING this week and we found a lot of pieces that needs to be updated, which means we have work for months to come.