DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update.

How we are doing?
We are doing well, every single line of code of THE NEW FEATURE it's working as planned, if everything goes well, DOMINO RISING will be a good game, to play with or without friends, this results makes me feel very optimistic about DOMINO RISING DEVELOPMENT, pretty soon we are going to have an INTERNAL TESTING, the last one we did was in July 11, 2016 more details here was a success.

Render of the week.
This time we are working in some art for DOMINO RISING, it's taking too much time to get done, I believe it's going to take a couple of weeks more to finish it, we got a little teaser so you can see how its going.

Pieces of the Week.
Pieces of the Week below, we are close to another INTERNAL TESTING no the next week, but very soon, we are happy how the NEW FEATURE it's working and we are very optimistic on how development its going.