DOMINO RISING - Development Update

We have to move
Many times, the development of DOMINO RISING has been put it on hold for various reasons, but when the tools we are using on our projects doesn't perform in the way we expected, it's clear we have to take some action, the tools we are using are pretty good, professionals recognized them worldwide, but it's too much work to use them at the same time. During the development process of DOMINO RISING we were showcasing many tools, many of them needed constants updates by their developer almost in a daily basis, creating sometimes, unwanted effects in DOMINO RISING, so we had to play the waiting game until the developer provides the next update, we decided to stop that and to look for others tools in order to finish the development of DOMINO RISING. We found UNREAL ENGINE which could streamline the process of development and make many of the features for DOMINO RISING easier to implement, because we can work with one tool instead of using 6 different tools, which can cause futures problems and bottlenecks in the development process.

The Art of Domino Rising
We continue doing art for you desktop, hoping you can get some fun admiring this piece, looking at the characters of DOMINO RISING playing games and having fun.

Pieces update
Because we are moving into a new engine for the game, we kinda have to do things again, one of the first things we want to continue publishing it's the pieces update, this it's one of the most important things in the development process.

The Technology Report
Learning, prototyping, experimenting and having a lot of fun with UNREAL ENGINE, developing with this game engine it's always a lot of fun, the developers of Epic Games make sure, you experience with UNREAL ENGINE it's the best.

- Until now everything it's normal, and didn't experienced any problems.
- Still Learning, so mistakes are going to be made.