DOMINO RISING - Development Update 2019 overhaul
The year 2019 it's here and we have to change things around. Weekly post it's a must in this blog. Days of Silence are not good for any business. We need to change that for a more active and positive Devlog. The Original Idea behind this blog. Was to post about website and all our current and future projects. We recently focused only in DOMINO RISING our domino game still being developed. But this new year 2019 we are thinking about changing that and execute the original plan for this blog. Start to post about everything it's doing. Our channels, our games, our digital products, giveaways and future projects. This change it's coming in order to keep a more active communications with you guys and to strengthen our relationship. The first thing we are focused to change it's our website that you can check in the following address maybe you knew about it. Maybe not. The current design of our website will be changing with a more easier to use, simpler and friendly design to showcase all of our current and future projects.

New engine
As we promised we are moving to Unreal Engine. Which it's our best option in order to fix many problems. We found when developing the game. This time we got you a video with some basic gameplay functions which shows we are doing some progress in the game. 

The Art of Domino Rising
We don't know the date. When we are going to post about DOMINO RISING in this blog. We are going to try and make sure it's pretty soon. As you can see everybody it's kinda upset and waiting for awesome news about the game.

Pieces Update
We still have to start importing the code. We already have from the FLASH TECH to the UNREAL ENGINE TECH. So we are looking for better ways to do it. In the most effective way for this game. The game it's being developed using Unreal Engine Blueprints Only. We have to do some research before we start with the migration. Our time it's pretty limited. Developing of DOMINO RISING it's going pretty slow right now. We are expecting to go faster in the future.

The Technology Report
Learning, prototyping, experimenting and having a lot of fun with UNREAL ENGINE, developing with this game engine it's always a lot of fun, the developers of Epic Games make sure, you experience with UNREAL ENGINE it's the best.

- Until now everything it's normal, and didn't experienced any problems.
- Still Learning the Technology, so mistakes are going to be expected.