Bahcorp Weekly

This week on Bahcorp
Sounds like we coming back with the updates, from many of our projects and social media sites, which will give you an idea on how things are going.


Bahcorp Youtube Channel
Our youtube channel has been pretty active during this past week, posting a lot of our previous stream, that we consider pretty good and some character creation videos about Lycus Dion one of the characters from the game Spacelords. We are open to suggestions and requests, about any specific game or making any specific characters. Remember you can check those characters in our Sketchfab site.


Bahcorptv Twitch Channel
Streams on our twitch channel has been pretty low this week with only 3 streams, due to some unforeseen events, health issues and time limitations.

Sunday 27, 2019 We created another page for our ongoing LawBreakers Fan Artbook Project. This time was about the Wraith Class Deadlock. Which was a pretty agile but lethal character in the game. Remember this LawBreakers Fan ArtBook will be totally free to download for everybody, as a gift and thank you of your support to us.

Tuesday 29, 2019 We played the game Spacelords created by MercurySteam and published by MercurySteam thru the Power of Nvidia GeForce Now, which was pretty awesome but very short. We are in the times were the game it's becoming good, but we can't play all the time.

Saturday 2, 2019 We played some Quake Champions, we coming back from almost a month of not playing the game. A lot of matches lost due of being rusty and the big group of very experienced players playing at the moment. The community for this game it's shrinking and the people playing right now are pretty good, Insanely good, you will lost some matches at least you step up to your game.

Domino Rising
We still trying to figure things up for our game to run in Unreal Engine, which it's kinda complex to use in some areas and pretty simple in others, we are learning how collisions works in Unreal Engine and we are having some progress, I hope we can show some gameplay in the future. Meanwhile we got some pictures.

Looks like some people are having fun with the Dominoes.

Playing with the Collisions system in Unreal Engine.

Thanks for your support, we hoping to continue posting more information every week, don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube and Twitch Channels so you can have a more directly approach to the updates.