Bahcorp Weekly

This Week on Bahcorp
We still testing the Unreal Engine for our game Domino Rising and testing others game engines for other games we want to develop, like Intruders and Nicanhor. Yeah we are trying to get some others games developed too. Maybe you ask why no using the same tech for all the games? could be nice, but, we are looking to get the ones that are easier to use in order to accelerate the development process for the other games.

Bahcorp Youtube Channel
We uploaded some Quake Champions stream. It's a pretty awesome game created by Id Software and published by Bethesda Softwork. It's totally free to download from the Steam Store or the Bethesda Launcher. Quake Champions it's losing players and you don't see many streamers playing the game anymore. It's kinda easy to be in the top of the list with 3 or 5 viewers on twitch, a situation that makes us pretty sad, because there are no game like Quake Champions in the market right now and the closer ones are created by indie studios which have smaller playerbase. I am hoping to see an Update for Quake Champions to bring back some of the players. We got Some Planetside 2 content too. Awesome game created by Daybreak games and Published by Daybreak Games. This it's Another pretty unique game in it's premises. Where you can fight in big battles of a thousand players at the same time. After 6 years still having a pretty active player base even when Planetside Arena  was launched. Another game based in the Planetside 2 Universe, pretty much dead on arrival, I played and was fun, but you can't play solo, that game needs people. As always some Lawbreakers videos to keep the spirit of Lawbreakers alive. A game that was developed by a group of the best developers out there. People from Fallout, Gears of War and The Division to mention some, the list it's huge And another page for our LawBreakers fan artbook video this time it's the Second Page for the Gunslinger Class, which was pretty fun to make and remember this LawBreakers Fan ArtBook will be free to download. Once it's ready. We got Some Spacelords Gameplay too. When I was learning the game.

Bahcorp Twitch Channel
Again we did 3 streams this week, because of the same reasons, pretty tired to get on the morning. Basically I was fighting thru the pain in order to do those streams. Was pretty fun and people showed up. Which really motivate me to do continue with the streams, but I cannot deny it's are getting harder to do those.
Monday 4, 2019 We did a pretty fun Spacelords stream. A game we are pretty much in love with. Pretty tactical and you will die a lot. It's totally free to download in any platform PS4, XBOX ONE and PC on Steam Store and Microsoft Store. This game it's Full CrossPlatform which means you can play in any platform against players of any platform at the same time in the same server, Yeah Spacelors it's between the first games featuring Full CrossPlatform.

Tuesday 5, 2019 My dayjob was hitting me hard, but, in some way I was able to do another stream of Spacelords, you know,  trying to keep with the schedule. I was super tired and the time went flying. We just played like 3 matches, not because we wanted, it was because I cannot do more than that during the weeks while having to go to a dayjob after the fact. Kinda crazy situation.

Saturday 9, 2019 Yeah we had to skip Wednesday Spacelords Stream because I was totally exhausted, and I had to sleep. I was supposed to stream on Fridays but I wasn't possible either so we jumped to the saturday with a Quake Champions stream. In which I win just one match because a guy was carrying the whole team. After that I was put in the losing teams and lost all of other matches. Yeah I am a pretty rusty Quake Champions Player.

Domino Rising
We still testing Unreal Engine and learning some tricks to continue building our game little by little. Development it's slow, but, we trying to do Domino Rising in a way that makes us happy. Of course you feedback it's pretty important. After we release a playable prototype or demo. You and the community will be the ones to shape the future of the game.