Bahcorp Weekly

This week on Bahcorp
We made some progress with the Unreal Engine. Don't guarantee a demo soon, but we are pretty close and I am very happy with the results. I can't wait to begin showing you stuff about DOMINO RISING, which will be pretty awesome. At least I hope so.

Bahcorp Youtube Channel
We were kinda slow, just got 2 videos this week. Ring of Elysium a pretty nice game Developed by Aurora studio and Published by TCH Scarlet Limited, totally free to play and the community it's kinda still strong but they are losing players from time to time. Trying pretty hard to innovate and bring something new to the Battle Royale scene. The events and game modes are pretty awesome. Quake Champions videos are doing kinda nice on the youtube channel, looks like some people were interesting in watching gameplay to close the week, we still got a lot of videos to publish in the future.

Bahcorp Twitch Channel
This time we did 4 streams. Kinda hard because they were short and I was feeling kinda tired. As always we skipped some days during the week. We are looking forward to improve in the skipping part, but we still looking for solutions.

Sunday 10, 2019 LawBreakers Fan Artbook stream was pretty nice. Still with a lot of room for Improvements due to the simplistic design of the Wraith Class Shield or Logo, Simbol maybe. I was totally trying to fill the stream and make some time. The Wraith Class Shield was kinda simple for a 4 hour stream. It was done like in minutes, but I have to fill the space, you know with thingies.

Monday 11, 2019 It's getting hard to get matches as antagonist in Spacelords lately. I was losing every match until our friend kkj appeared in a match with Hans to save the day. The more I play this game the more I like it, but the worst I do in the matches. People are doing better every time, New weapons are empowering new players, so they got the option to be closer to the more experience players at the battlefield.

Wednesday 13, 2019 This time I was kinda forced to play as a Raider. Antagonist matches where off the charts. Fun matches, never got Featured Player, but playing as a Raider it's kinda Play and Forget especially if you are playing with you friends.

Saturday 16, 2019 War Thunder, this game it's high in my list as an Amazing Military game, it's in many platforms PS4, XBOX and PC which it's awesome. Nice Graphics and totally free to play, just download and enjoy. I was having a lot of problems to understand the UI even though I played this game before, but I totally forgot how the menu works and how to unlock the Tanks and Boats.

Domino Rising
We are very sorry, we no have not meaningful news or relevant information about Domino Rising this week, we still testing, some bugs over here and others over there.