Bahcorp Weekly

This week in Bahcorp
At this point we were pretty slow on delivering this Bahcorp Weekly updates, are supposed to be a weekly activity, but for some reason, some events made this whole thing to break apart, we are looking forward to be more active with the weekly updates but from time to time we are going to have big ones like this one.

Bahcorp Youtube Channel
One thing we never stop doing, it's uploading content to our youtube channel which it's always active. Showing you events from the past, that for some reason you couldn't be part of it, but don't worry you can watch those past streams and development videos every time you want on Youtube.

November 17, 2019 - Planetside 2 it's one of the games we really like to play, it's my most played game at the time, with more than 1,000 hours of play and countless of pretty awesome moments, this game really it's a pretty special experience, it's a shame I wasn't able to be more involved with this community like I do with other games, it's totally free and you can download from steam store on pc.

November 19, 2019 - Still remembering the golden times of the past, we got some LawBreakers gameplay, a pure gold of a game that unfortunate, it's not between us anymore, Developed by the awesome but non existent Bosskey Productions Studios and published by Nexon of America, this game caught the hearts of many players, until these days, those ones that had the opportunity to play this game still mourns its demise and are hoping some days we can comeback to play this game again.

November 20, 2019 - Part of the LawBreakers initiative and content promised to the community, long time ago, we are doing a series of streams, in order to finish the LawBreakers Fan Artbook, which will be a book full of redone art about the game. We are not promising the quality that the LawBreakers game used to display, but it's a little fun project that we are doing, for the people that used to play and enjoy the game, it will totally free to download once it's finished with the LAW characters pretty soon.

November 20, 2019 - Still Playing Spacelords, pretty awesome game created by MercurySteam and Published by MercurySteam this one it's a winner in from of my eyes, getting streams every Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday, I can't find a way to put it down. I believe it's going to be hard for you too, once you give a try, this game it's totally free and full cross platform which means that doesn't matter which platform you are playing PS4, XBOX ONE or PC you will be able to play together in the same server, pretty awesome.

November 21, 2019 - Ring of Elysium was presented to me a long time ago, and I was stunned how nice and fun this game it's. Totally free to play and download for the steam store, you will find yourself immerse in hours of fun, with a lot of content, frequents events and pretty awesome new game modes, this Battle Royale game really knows how to differentiate itself from the pack, give it a try it will be challenging but a lot of fun.

November 22, 2019 - I don't know, if you know, a Fan Base Artbook of Spacelords it's in the making, we got 3 characters done already and we are looking forward to create more from the game, they look different from the original, we are creating our own models a little wacky with some hints of comedy into it.

November 26, 2019 - The Challenging one created by the legendary IdSoftware and published by Bethesda Softwork, this game still in early access not a big community but a good one, with people playing all the time, this game it's totally free and you will die a lot, because many of the actual players are people that really and I said really knows how to play the game. Available on pc for Steam Store and the Bethesda Launcher.

November 26, 2019 - This one was missing for many days, I couldn't see it, that's why it's been published after the Talk Shows & Podcast #053, which kinda hurt the video a little bit, I am hoping you can check it. We are talking about LawBreakers, Spacelords, Quake Champions, Paladins, LawBreakers Fan Artbook, Twitch Prime, Apex Legends, Titanfall, Titanfall Online, Anthem, VrChat, Ring of Elysium, Horizon Source, Football Manager, Far Cry New Dawn, Battletech and many other games like Left4dead and stuff like that.

November 27, 2019 - A little bit of LawBreakers content during the week, this one kinda shows how tiny the LawBreakers community became after a while, a lot of people waiting for more content, even though the game was out for less than a year at that time, others didn't wanted to play because they didn't like the last update to the game, a huge part because their favorite pro-player stopped playing the game, other because they didn't like the developers or the publisher, while me and my friends trying to enjoy the game and kinda forget all of the other reasons that really doesn't stopped nobody for playing and having fun in the game, crazy situation people, crazy situation.

November 29, 2019 - Creating pages for our LawBreakers Fan Art Book it's always fun, because the characters are pretty cool, interesting and specially the game was super fun. I could pay a subscription just to play LawBreakers once again, yep sound crazy, but 760 hours in the game could give you and Idea. Good thing, we still have pictures, videos and in the future Artbooks to remember this pretty awesome game.

Bahcorp Twitch Channel
The Majority of our videos are created in which it's a pretty good streaming platform, the site leader in the business right now, referenced many times in movies like Ready Player One, I spent so much time here, talking to the community and having fun, with the people, remembering games, talking about futures games and creating content like the LawBreakers Fan Artbook that I talk to much about.

November 17, 2019 - This Stream was pretty awesome, we did another page for our LawBreakers Fan Artbook, was so easy and fast to make, this one it's a pretty good looking page for the Artbook, we just didn't talk about the drawing, we touched many things about my life and the community. I hope you could make it next time we stream the Art stream every Sunday at 4:00 PM USA EAST TIME. Just click in the title of the following video or the top picture of twitch above.

November 19, 2019 - Coming from an mainly antagonist Spacelords Player, I was forced to play as a raider in this stream, at least that's how it feeled to me. I played one Antagonist Match, so I was kinda happy, I really wish I could play more as Antagonist. For some reason the Antagonist queue takes longer than the raider ones, if I can get Raiders Matches almost Instantly I am supposed to get Antagonist Matches as well because the Raider Matches are available to invade, at least that's what I believe.

November 24, 2019 - The second page of the Wraith Class for our LawBreakers Fan Artbook. Looking pretty nice, the more pages I do for our Artbook the more excited I feel, because we are getting closer to the finish line, Not really, we still have to continue with the whole BREAKERS lineup of characters From Toska 9 until Baron. Which I believe it will be a ton of fun, because the Breakers side has a lot of cool characters.

November 27, 2019 - This totally was the "same map kinda Stream". From time to time Raiders will choose to play the same map over and over again and this stream shows it pretty good. Can the developers do something about it? I don't believe they can, if the raider do matches in the same map, we as Antagonist we got not options to invade those games and we are going to end in the same map all the time. Remember you can queue manually in others maps so you don't have to repeat them all the time, just hope you don't end waiting for 1 hour to find a match.

November 28, 2019 - Sometimes Spacelords make it hard for us the antagonists, the stream was long and one of the good Spacelords streams, thanks to the people that decided to spend some time in the streams supporting the channel and make everything more fun for me. I just hope every single stream be like this one or better.

November 30, 2019 - Kinda sad this day, Nvidia Geforce decided to change the video cards on their server from the Nvidia Tesla p40 to the Nvidia Geforce RTX T10-8. Don't know which one it's better but the Nvidia Tesla P40 was working pretty good for Quake Champions. I am hoping they put another video card that works with Quake Champions because everything was low graphics that day. Kinda hard to spot if you are watching the video, but it's very noticeable if you check the guns while playing and some walls can show the low graphics settings pretty good. On top of that I tried to change the Texture Quality to at least to medium, for the game to tell me it's not possible.

December 1, 2019 - Winter hunt for Spacelords it's on, and brings a lot of goodies, like weapons skins and many more things, I believe some MMR changes for the game too, this one was a talk show and podcast with Killa00jay a pretty knowledgeable and active player of Spacelords always keeping the community together and keeping tabs on many aspects of the game.

Domino Rising
I am not going to lie. It's being pretty hard to progress with the Unreal Engine. Still stuck in a simple stuff and still researching. Little things that I used to do in other non existent programming languages and game engines are super confusing to do in Unreal Engine. The engine approach many things in it's own way. Despite many updates and rework of the UI you can still feel some stuff from the past and they still talking about kismet? which it's kinda odd to me. I used to do maps and Models in the Unreal Editor and it was easier, I hope can make some progress in the future.