DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Lot of content for Star Citizen
The game from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games "Star Citizen". It's getting a lot of content, lately, they just launch an update with a new First Person Shooter Module, named Star Marine, this module took so much time to be made, because Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games, let others Studios to developed it, and that created a delay in the development process, they were not passionate about and after so many months and tries they just stop development altogether, forcing Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games to take the FPS module back to house and continue the development, and oh boy, that was fast they just breeze through it and released it, something they should had done, in the first place,  they have the passion and the manpower to pull it off, the FPS Module it's not done, but it's playable and it's fun, letting other studios and developers to make your game it's not always a great idea, most of the time these developers doesn't share your vision and passion for the game, they charge a lot of money and take so much time to get anything done, there are a lot of studios and developers offering their service, I believe it's just works if you don't have any other option to put your game out, just like a last resort, In one occasion I tried to help somebody to make a game and it didn't work, the owner of the game was very picky to give me information and details about his game and the lack of data was enough for me to step out, some game designers don't reveal too much info about their games to third parties studios, it's a way to protect their products, they just give little information and expect the third party to bring something new to the table, most of the time third party developers stop the development due to the lack of details and passion, work with third party developers for you game it's something that it needs to be learn, understand it and put so much money and time on it in order for the project to be a success, not easy at all.

Pieces of the Week
Like every week, this time almost two weeks, because was too busy working in my dayjob, looking a way to get there in public transportation, wasting so much time and money, but I believe I go it, yes I don't have a car, because I don't like cars, so public transportation it's the way it is, in the meantime.

Renders of the week.
This week I don't have any concept, working very hard with the pieces, every time I can.