DOMINO RISING - Weekly Update

Still Cold.
I an few posts back, I was talking about how Summer Time it's coming and all that, but looks like summer time its still far away. For me, Summer Time can skip this year 2017 and let the winter work overtime, I really like Winter Time and I am very glad the weather it's still fresh.

This time we got a new Style of Piece and more pieces updated with new code, the Style of Piece we are creating, are just concepts, they are still not in the game, but they will, we are creating these concept, so we can begin having a feel and look of the new Style of Pieces for the game and maybe some feedback from the community, which still a little bit quiet about the concepts.
Render of the Week.
Again, RISING LABS seems to be dealing with some weird stuff, some time ago a video of a man talking about the RED ELEMENT was circulating the net, he warn the people about the dangers of the RED ELEMENT and his application on Military Technology, weeks later pictures of a very secret domino Piece with the codename CORE was found very deep on the net, many claims these pieces are made of RED ELEMENT and could cause serious harm to the user, until now nobody has real proof of the pieces existence, other says the use of RED ELEMENT it's the main reason RISING LABS still don't release the pieces to the market, and keep them under a veil of secrecy.


Pieces of the Week.

I believe, at this point, you have some idea, about the fixing and updating, we do every week to the pieces of DOMINO RISING, yes it's a weekly update we do to the pieces of DOMINO RISING, to improve the User Experience, at the beginning was very tricky to play with the pieces, but we are hoping it gets better after the update, this process it's time consuming and we already spent many months, we are going the fastest we can with the fixing and update.